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Oakwood Physiotherapy Clinic - North London

Excellent for stress and anxiety, times of transition and change, and suffering due to ill health or injury, Innate Health Coaching helps people reclaim a sense of ownership of their lives and daily experience.

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We experience the world through our thinking, with who we truly are being an unchanging, ever present, but often hidden, constant. The only thing that can obscure our experience of who we are is our thinking. We all have insecure thinking at times, leading to low feelings and mood, and it looks and feels so real but it's only this that prevents us from seeing who we truly are underneath.

The clarity of our inner essence brings with it peace, creativity, inspiration, connection to others and innate health on all levels.

The same thing applies to our physical health as to our emotional and psychological health. We have an amazing innate intelligence in our body - it keeps things running without any input from us through an enormous range of circumstances and challenges. However we can't disconnect our physical from our emotional and psychological state. For example, it's known that laughter strengthens the immune system, and the reverse is also true

The more we see through our insecure thinking and undermining beliefs, the more innate health is available to us. This understanding of how life works is like a manual for living, with the byproduct of understanding how and what makes us tick being greater health, happiness and peace of mind.

Once people understand where their experience comes from, they are freed from the constraints of outside circumstances, including those of their own body.

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"I was very low and in acute back pain when I came to see her. Through talking to her I realised I can overcome this and get my life back to normal. I realised there's a difference between pain and suffering and after just one session I still have some pain but I'm relaxed and I no longer feel like I'm suffering."

Jane B.

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"Innate Health Coaching has been a complete revelation ! After working with my physio over a 6 - 8 week period, I began to notice improvements in my general well being and energy levels...My IBS symptoms which I had been suffering from for over two years began to improve and my mind set began to shift - I felt able, for example, to let go of the type of niggling anxieties on which I had expended so much time and energy...

The sessions provided me with an opportunity to reflect upon my thinking and my interactions with others, under her supportive and knowledgeable guidance. She has, in effect, both challenged and encouraged me to look at the world through a different pair of eyes and has cultivated an understanding of the potential within all of us to trust our inner wisdom in all that we think and say and do."

Catherine D.

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