Oakwood Physio Now Provides Video Call and Phone Consultation Appointments

23rd March 2020

With COVID-19 restricting people going out and people still requiring treatment, we are providing physiotherapy or osteopathy treatments both through video call and by phone.

Both BUPA and AXA PPP have authorised remote appointments for insurance patients, and if you are with another insurer you should contact them as they may authorise these appointments too.

These are easy to set up – even for those new to the technology – and allows the therapist to provide you with an assessment and treatment. Your video or telephone treatment will be largely based on advice and exercises to help treat your symptoms and give you peace of mind as to the right things to do to help your recovery at home.

We still want to ensure you’re keeping well, improving your condition (or maintaining your improvement) and getting relief from pain and other problems – even with the current situation where you need to stay indoors most of the time. There is so much one can still do and your therapist will be able to give you the confidence, professional advice and support to make the most of your resources at home and to help you.

Video appointments on a simple system provided by the “Zoom” video call app. All you need is a smart phone or computer. The Clinic will email you a link which you simply click on and wait for your physiotherapist or osteopath to appear on your screen to begin your treatment session.

For a full guide to having a remote appointment with our therapists, click here

Our physiotherapists and osteopaths provide a wide range of helpful treatment strategies during these remote consultations. Your therapist will be able to:

  • Assess you by asking you about the current symptoms and your health and previous medical history
  • Undertake a clinical assessment by viewing the injured area, your movements, any swelling or bruising, and other easy test procedures
  • Discuss your concerns and explain your overall assessment results
  • Demonstrate physiotherapy exercises (easier with visuals) and practice them with you to ensure the exercises are done correctly
  • Email or post exercises to you which will be individually selected for you and your needs
  • Give you expert advice re: the use of heat or ice, level of activity recommended, supports and splints available at pharmacies if required and other specific “do’s and don’ts”.
  • Provide helpful lifestyle and health maintenance advice during periods of isolation and reduced activity
  • Advise you if they consider you should be referred to your GP or other health professional

If you pay for your treatments the fees for remote treatments will be:

Phone appointment:

  • Up to 15 min phone call: £15
  • Up to 30 min phone call: £30
  • Up to 45 min phone call: £45 (recommended for first appointment)

Video call appointment:

  • New patient video call: £45 (up to 45 minutes)
  • Follow up appointments: £35 (up to 30 min)

If you have any other questions or would like to book an appointment, feel free to call us at 020 8440 3629 or email us at info@oakwoodphysio.co.uk.

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