How Osteopathy Can Treat Running Injuries And Get You Back To Your Best

25th February 2020

Our newest osteopath and sports massage therapist at Oakwood Clinic, Annmarie, specialises in helping sports people – especially runners – get back to full strength and recover as quickly as possible from injuries. Here she gives you the low down on how to prevent and get better from injuries that might stop you running.

Whether you’ve just started with a couch to 5k or you’re a seasoned ultra-runner, you’ll know that running injuries can be a pain to resolve. Having worked with one of the biggest running clubs in the UK (and as someone who likes to run!) I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of twisted ankles, tendon injuries and twinging knees.

Some are relatively easy to clear up, others take a little more patience.

osteopathy for back and neck injuries when running
Osteopathy is an effective treatment for lower back and neck injuries that can occur when running.

What to do first?

The first thing is to put down Google and see a professional — all that worrying could be for nothing when you could be getting the right treatment programme in place for a speedy recovery. An osteopath will be able to rule out any serious injuries, decide if any scans or X-rays are required, and diagnose your condition so the repair work can begin.

And will I have to stop training to recover?

Most injuries I see do not require absolute rest, so you probably won’t need to worry about a major interruption to your training. When we challenge our body with exercise, minor imbalances in muscle tension can suddenly become magnified and create pain in the lower back, hips or knees. These are often the easiest to treat with a few sessions of osteopathy or sports massage along with targeted exercises and stretches.

osteopathy treatment can help with twists sprains and tendon injuries
Osteopathy can also help with twists, sprains and tendon injuries.

Twists, Sprains and Tendon Injuries with Osteopathy

Acute injuries like twists or sprains generally do well with ice, rest and a graded return to exercise. A good rehabilitation plan along with some hands-on treatment such as specialised remedial massage techniques to restore mobility gets most runners back on track with minimal fuss. Tendon injuries vary from person to person and can be caused by a fall or slip, but are often the result of poor mechanics or running technique so prevention is better than a cure. Regular sport massage or osteopathic treatment can help to identify areas of tightness or overuse before they become problematic.

Your body can only do the necessary repair work if it’s well looked after, so think about the amount and type of foods you’re eating – a varied diet of fresh and whole foods will give your body the fuel it needs to keep you running smoothly. Getting enough rest and sleep is also very important to your training, and keeping on top of your stress level with a good work/life balance will mean your body is in tip-top shape to cope well with the demands you place on it.

Running is a great way to keep fit and strong, and has the benefit of being easily accessible and affordable for most people. Running clubs are a great way to meet new people and get support and motivation for your training. We, at Oakwood Clinic, are here to help you get past those pesky injuries and keep you moving comfortably.

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