Oakwood Clinic Osteopath Receives Glowing Review

14th January 2020

oakwood osteopathy clinic testimonial review

At Oakwood Clinic our osteopaths strive to achieve the best results for our patients, helping them relieve pain and feel well enough to get back to normal activities.

We find it very rewarding to hear details of our patients’ positive experiences on their path to recovery, and how our treatment has helped them to gain a new lease of life.

A recent patient who had treatment with our Oakwood Clinic Osteopath describes the beneficial experiences she experienced below. We are proud to have helped her and look forward to many more great testimonials from happy patients in the future.

“He always listens carefully, is thorough, gentle and very professional in his manner. If I miss a regular session my body soon knows it and begins to complain.”

“He has treated me for various problems, most noticeably helping to keep me upright and mobile on my feet. He miraculously mended my wrist and right hand, complete with trigger finger which I thought would never work properly again.”

“He frequently works on my head which seems to have a profound effect as I sleep like a baby after these sessions and wake up with many of my aches and pains gone.”

“He has a good sense of humour and I usually leave his company in good spirits, feeling taller, straighter and lighter on my feet.”

Our Osteopaths are currently taking new patients, so if you are looking to have a treatment, don’t hesitate to call us at 020 8440 3629 or email us at info@oakwoodphysio.co.uk. We also offer cranial osteopathy services suitable for both adults and children and babies, which you can call us to find out more about or visit our website.

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